Maddalena Forcella 3ft x 5ft GREIGE Rug with natural wool and indigo warp with crochet stitch in dark gray

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Ombre from dark to light shades of gray/natural wool.

The Greige Design rugs were inspired by Maddalena’s roots in Italy and her 25 years working with indigenous women in Chiapas, Mexico. The design has its origins in the rich textile traditions of Sardinia.

The rugs are crafted with the wool from a special breed of sheep which evolved over 500 years in the mountains of Chiapas and hand spun by Mayan women on pre-hispanic drop spindles. This special wool is untreated allowing it to absorb deep saturations of color from the natural dyes. With this combination of elements Maddalena creates fascinating textures and patterns.

Textile artist Maddalena Forcella brings her Italian sensibility to a Mexican context, using her eye and heart to create elegant and utilitarian pieces of art. Playing with textures, color and experimenting with materials Maddalena is a masterful artist and designer. 

This is an artisanal product.

Warp: Light indigo dyed cotton

Edging: Crochet stitch in dark gray to compliment the different shades of gray in rug

Content:  100% handspan wool and natural indigo dyed cotton warp

Please Vacuum rugs regularly and use warm water and if necessary a little mild soap with neutral ph. Do not rub but dab it with a cloth or put the stain in a small bowl of water. Air dry – do not use an industrial dryer.

All of the rugs should be installed with a rubber mat under them to prevent slipping.

Items can be customized in a variety of options. Please contact [email protected]

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