Aqua with Yellow Stripe 18 x 32

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Handcrafted on the coast of Maine, Maine Coast Rope Rugs continues the tradition of using recycled lobster float rope to make our doormats, rugs, and runners.  When you buy a Maine Coast Rope Rug, you not only are getting a product that is designed to stand up to weather and wear, you are also helping to save the oceans, especially the Northern Right Whales. 

Maine Coast Rope Rugs are virtually indestructible: resistant to mold and mildew, great for trapping sand and dirt at your entryway, are extremely comfortable to stand on for any length of time, easily cleaned with a shake and a garden hose.

Each of the sustainable rugs is handwoven. The master weavers hand select the rope to be used in creating your product.There may be subtle variations in shades and texture due to the reclaimed rope's previous exposure to the elements.

Handmade in Maine.

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