Kinto Donabe traditional clay pot

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Donabe actually means “clay pot” in Japan. You can steam, stew, braise, and cook the most incredible dishes you’ve ever had—plus, a donabe goes easily from stove to oven to table, which means a stunning presentation with minimal cleanup. Donabe is the ultimate one-pot cooking tool.


High technology and quality for a comfortable dining experience:

  • Advantage of the low water absorption rate

    Water absorption rate indicates the degree of water that seeps into the pot. As KAKOMI has a very low water absorption rate, it is easy to maintain clean and prevents odors from remaining. You can cook a pot-dish full of spices one day and make something completely different the next day.

  • Heating element developed with high technology

    On the bottom surface of the pot, there is a heating element that lets you use it on induction cooktops. While it has been thought that the pot needs to completely touch the induction surface to conduct heat, with the innovation of a high-quality heating element, a small space is allowed between the surfaces. As there is less area in contact, friction damage to the surface is reduced.

  • Function of the multi-layered structure

    The heating element, which allows the pot to be used on an induction cooktop, features a multi-layered structure. Glass-like glaze is sprayed evenly on the heat resistant ceramic. It is then coated with three layers of silver film and glass coating. The glass coating protects the heating element to prevent uneven heating and abnormal over-heating.

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