Hand Lotion, Tangled Woods

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All Meraki products are developed in Denmark and are designed with a simple principle in mind. Meraki works on creating clean, mild products by using natural ingredients. Meraki products are free from parabens, colorants and endocrine disrupting substances. They are created using only mild preservatives, with natural perfume in the form of essential oils and basic oils of high quality to create an all vegan skin care range.

Meraki presents the hand lotion, Tangled Woods, which is perfect for your daily skincare and home decor, due to its wonderful scents of lavender, sandalwood, peppermint and thyme as well as its simple design. Tangled Woods is ecologically certified and provides your hands with care without greasing. Use it after washing your hands with hand soap, so you have soft hands all day. 275 ml.


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