Herbal-dyed 2 Layers Gauze Pajamas Set Charcoal Grey [Kyo Wazarashi Mensya]

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Different from ordinary gauze products, our gauze pajamas can absorb moisture quickly and extra breathable for your skin. The gauze absorbs night sweat away, allowing your skin to feel freshening in the morning. The touch of the gauze becomes even softer when it is washed several times. Our traditionally made cotton gauze does not contain formaldehyde; hence, we highly recommended our pajamas to ones with delicate or sensitive skin.


*What is "Kyo Wazarashi Mensya"?*

Kyo Wazarashi Mensya, a variation of cotton gauze made with Japanese traditional technique, has been used since the old times. The method allows a layer of air among each fiber, making the cotton high moisture-absorbable and breathable.


Material: 100% Cotton 

Color: Charcoal (Herbal dyed)

Piping: Cotton [Color: Charcoal Grey]

Size: Small


Made in Japan

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