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Burlap & Barrel

Burlap & Barrel Purple Shallot Slices

Burlap & Barrel Purple Shallot Slices

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Savory, sweet, dried Purple Shallots add umami depth and allium sweetness to myriad dishes, from rice and noodles to stews and braises. They also make a fun, crispy garnish to vegetables, rice or any dish that you'd use fresh shallots in.

These shallots are grown in Vietnam's Red River Delta, an area famous across the country for this beloved ingredient. After harvest, they are carefully cured, thinly sliced and laid out to dry. These aren't fried - just dried, crispy shallots.






Hải Dương, Vietnam


Dried and sliced


Shallots, dried (Allium cepa v. aggregatum)

Tasting notes:

Mushroom • Cashew • Phở

Pairs well with:

Sun-Dried Tomato Powder, Flowering Hyssop Thyme, Laurel Bay Leaves


  • Use in place of fresh shallots in any dish
  • Bloom in butter or oil at the start of cooking rice, noodles, sauces, braises, stir-fries and stews
  • Use as a crunchy topping for vegetable, rice or meat dishes


 DACE, a social enterprise in Vietnam, to connect with the farmers growing our Purple Shallots. The shallots are grown by communities of farmers in Vietnam's Red River Delta. They are learning to grow higher-value crops and transitioning to organic and regenerative agricultural methods. We're honored to support them in that work, and to share their deeply flavorful shallots with you!  

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