Shave Brush - Silvertip Cocobolo Heritage

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The Silvertip Cocobolo Heritage Shave Brush is ‘the weekend car’ of shaving brushes.

The 1906 Gents Silvertip Heritage Shave Brush features a large and lofty 22 mm Silvertip badger hair knot; the perfect middle road in brush size. Silvertip is the softest brush knot available. The silvertip knot provides the most heat retention for shaving, so when you shave you get a thick warm lather each and every time. Simply by running the silvertip under hot water before you lather, the unique properties of this brush will keep your lather warm throughout your shave. Equipped with the ‘Heritage’ handle shape in Cocobolo; this brush will be as comfortable and pleasing to use as it is beautiful to look at with deep reds and vibrant oranges accenting the handle. While intended for the seasoned wet-shaver it is a great gift for anyone seeking a luxurious lather and shaving experience.

The 1906 Gents Heritage Shave Brush is meant to be a tool you use daily that won't disappoint. Equipped with an extremely high quality brush knot, our brushes stand out from the crowd. With each one offering a hand crafted handle made from choice selected wood stock, they promise to be and entirely enjoyable heirloom item. Each one is made with intentional design to be as enjoyable to hold as it is to look at.

Production and Design: Made with care, Designed with intention. Each of the brushes is handmade, with hand chosen wood stock. The 1906 Gents takes pride and attention to detail and review each brush before it leaves the shop. The unique handle shape was designed to be comfortable no matter the hand that uses it. Each brush is equipped with a design to be enjoyable no matter how you lather. Enjoy shaving again with the 1906 gents Heritage shave brush.

Additional details: Every 1906 Gents shave brush will have its own look, grain and color; giving it a completely unique appearance.

Use and care: Rinse, hand shake dry, repeat and enjoy. For more information please visit

Specs: Handle Measures 1.8 inches circumference Brush Measures 4 inches tall

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