Shave Soap - Split Wood Scent

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Brawl Shave Soap is designed to be simple and superior to your drug store creams. 

Brawl is made with only pure & natural ingredients. It lathers quickly and offers 8oz, far more soap than most on the market.

Brawl shave soap is made to rinse clean off your face leaving almost no aroma to complicate with other applications; such as deodorant or cologne. A glycerin based shave soap that lathers easily with warm and hot water, also rinses clean off your shaving brush and razor leaving no film like other soaps.

8oz of shave soap comes in this recyclable tin, allowing you to rinse off excess soap after your shave and store anywhere leaving no mess.

Each Soap lasts approximately 200 lathers, and is made from 5-8 natural ingredients.

Ingredients: 100% Natural ingredients, Glycerine, raw cocoa butter, olive oil, natural mica clay, natural cedar and orange oils. 

Made in Springfield, MO

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