Sangre de Fruta Botanical (logo)
Allison Weldon (women in front of dark wood art wall)

Owner: Allison Weldon

A cornucopia of nature’s ancient wisdom, Sangre de Fruta sources the world’s most precious botanicals to create organic skin and hair care products that enchant the senses and awaken one’s inner radiance.

Transcending toxic beauty trends to promote lasting health and wellness, Sangre de Fruta’s superior plant-based products are conjured from a rich history of holistic health and beauty practices.

With deep respect for the wondrous life force of all living things, our exquisite botanicals are thoughtfully sourced and handcrafted in small batches to create sensory potions that nurture, protect, and beautifully connect people and nature.



Rachna, owner of Tikkiwalla (women wearing blue scarf)

Owner: Rachna Sachasinh

Tikkiwallah is an artisan textile & craft studio based in Chiang Mai and Luang Prabang. I started this project mid-way into the pandemic as a way to connect artisans and travelers. Even though travel is resuming, and markets are filling up again, many artisans still need access to broader markets. And so, Tikkiwallah carries on!

Tikkiwallah celebrates the vibrant energy and creativity found in markets across Southeast Asia. This is a place for lively conversations, for building relationships, and for supporting the use and preservation of handmade textiles and crafts.



A. Manamis
hanging garments from Aleksandr Manamis
Owner: undisclosed
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Aleksandr Manamis is a veiled brand with an undisclosed designer. By using highly exclusive fabrics and atelier production for almost all collections, the brand creates a unique worldview through craftsmanship and handmade. The attention to detail in the stitching, buttons, linings, and parts of each piece is also a reason why many are attracted to the brand.