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Fermented White Pepper

Fermented White Pepper

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Burlap & Barrel sources single origin spices for professional kitchens and home pantries. By partnering directly with farmers, Burlap & Barrel do an amazing job in thoughtful sourcing + shorter supply chains = exceptional ingredients.

Fermented White Peppercorns are highly prized in Indonesia but rarely found in the US. They add a deep umami flavor and funk to everything they touch. They're grown on a family farm on the island of Bangka by a farmer named Pak Sugiri and his son, Ilham. The peppercorns are picked fresh and fermented according to traditional methods. Grind over steak to mimic the flavor of dry aging, over veggies for heat and depth, or in traditional Cantonese and southeast Asian dishes that call for white pepper.

Origin: Bangka Island, Indonesia

Process: Fermented in a stream, then washed and sun-dried


non gmo clear
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 Fermented white peppercorns (Piper nigrum)


  • Substitute for black peppercorns where you want a funky kick
  • Grind over seafood dishes (especially good in crab cakes)
  • Add to blended vegetable soups, like potato or cauliflower soups

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