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Daitou Shingu

Persimmon-dyed 5 Layered Gauze Bath Towel 80x140cm [Kyo Wazarashi Mensya]

Persimmon-dyed 5 Layered Gauze Bath Towel 80x140cm [Kyo Wazarashi Mensya]

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A unique softness and fluffiness that enhances through the challenges of time.

Unlike conventional towels, our cotton towels become softer and fluffier after each wash. Additionally, the water-absorption property improves after each use.

By switching to our towels, you will witness and experience an improvement of convenience in daily life.  Whether the occasion is after a shower, during a workout, or before a night routine, a small cotton gauze towel brings a big impact to daily lives.


"What is Persimmon-Dyed?"

Developed and widely used in Japan, Persimmon-Dyed/ Kakishibu is a traditional craft for dyeing textile and garments. Through fermenting the extract of the fruit of persimmon, an auburn dye mixture is created. Garments processed with this craft have anti-bacterial properties, insect deterrent, and odor elimination properties. 

*What is "Kyo Wazarashi Mensya"?*

Processed with the traditional Japanese method of cotton scouring, the "Kyo Wazarashi Mensya" series consists of cotton gauze products that are softer and fluffier. Though time-consuming, the traditional craft preserves the original structure of the cotton fiber, allowing the natural properties of cotton to be fully utilized. Furthermore, the textile design allows the cotton gauze to be used in any season.

Material: 100% Cotton

Piping: Cotton [Color: Purple]

Made in Japan

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