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Totum Project Fine Linen and Cotton Bath Towel/Throw

Totum Project Fine Linen and Cotton Bath Towel/Throw

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Inspired by the ancient baths of the Greeks and the culture of Hammam, where this self-care ritual was integrated into the community and daily life. This multi-purpose lightweight throw was designed to encourage values of care and nurturing for our body and mind... But don’t limit it only to your bathing ritual; it is perfect for draping furniture in your home to give extra comfort. The throw can also accompany you to the gym and lends itself perfectly to the beach, a wild picnic and other adventures. 

Size: 145 x 165 cm

Color: Washed Black

Composition: 55% Linen, 45% Cotton

Woven, sewn and dyed in Italy

NOTE: Contact for re-order possibilities.

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