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Burlap & Barrel

Wind Blown Sea Salt

Wind Blown Sea Salt

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Burlap & Barrel sources single origin spices for professional kitchens and home pantries. By partnering directly with farmers, Burlap & Barrel do an amazing job in thoughtful sourcing + shorter supply chains = exceptional ingredients.

This spectacular sea salt is formed in salt pans by evaporating the aquamarine seawater of Tanzania's Swahili Coast. The strong northern Kaskazi winds blow the salt into fine crystals with a bright, mineral flavor profile and versatile texture. Perfect for cooking, baking, pickling, finishing and garnishing, this is your everyday salt — elevated!

Origin:  Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Process: Sea salt from the Swahili Coast is formed into tiny pearls as winds sweep over the salt pans.

non gmo clear
non irradiated clear
no preservatives clear

Sea salt (NaCl)


  • This is your everyday sea salt for cooking and finishing
  • Add to salad dressings, marinades, rubs, soups and stews
  • Sprinkle over finished dishes like steak, vegetables and chicken
  • Stir into a pot of cooked beans
  • Use as a finishing salt on cookies, brownies, cakes and truffles
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